Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Martins Cove April 19th Training

My pictures are going backwards...that must be my thing lately but it'll work anyway. So this foggy picture of the morning is the last day of our Martins Cove training. It was an amazing two days in Wyoming. I was given the calling of organizing a ward Trek to Martins Cove. My bishop and his wife invited me and the R.S. president and another friend, now committee member to come along for the experience (to go back and get the ward pumped to come in 2 mos!). It was such a spiritual experience. I can't wait to take my singles ward in the summer.
It was pretty cool that we were there the weekend it snowed a little. We drove in at 4:30 friday morning thinking there was no way we were going to set up camp later that night...but after hearing stories all day of the pioneers amazing experience we agreed to do it anyway even though it was cold, wet and snowy...the pioneers experienced much worse 14'' worse! Friday night after square dancing and being up since 4 a.m. we set up camp and there was not a single snowflake or raindrop that fell the whole night (that i could tell). The night was so beautifully calm. We were truly blessed. I would have slept throught the night had i made a better decision on where to sleep in our cozy tent but i chose to try and fit on a double size mattress next to a pile of foam pads. I ended up in between with my head cranked on the mattress :) Oh well the training and meals were worth every minute of uncomfortable sleep...and to think of what the pioneers went through night after night with out a tent or food or warm clothing to change into.

Setting up the tents in the dark was quite hilarious. It took us forever to finish up and put on the flies and make our fire nice and toasty. We'll blame it on bishops lack of sleep and energy :) Jk...we couldn't even figure out the mattress pumper-uper. One was new and it took three smart adults :) to open the cap to insert the air! We made it really hard to pump those dumb things up. We got to know eachother really well, it was a blast.

I loved square dancing and learning how to dance the Virginia Reel. The missionary couples are so cute and fun. We were called the Montana girls...we had a lot of energy i guess :)

Friday day we got to push a handcart to Martins Cove and hear the story of Gordon B. Hinckley coming in 1992 and calling this place 'Hallowed Ground' where 56 pioneers died in 1856. It is such a neat place. My testimony of faith has grown so much during this trek. Because of their faith they kept going day after day obeying the prophet, knowing that what they are living for is true. Its just an amazing concept to think about.

I found real beauty in Wyoming...

THis will be my second trip here, I went when i was in yw but this trip i have gained so much more. Everyone should go at least once. Prepare and go!


Braydan and Jessica said...

I'm glad you have some good memories there now! (my last ones aren't so good, so maybe I'll have to go back and try it again some day!!)

mom said...

I'm glad you had such a faith promoting experience.
You are awesome organizing everything for your student ward.