Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I miss you guys...

I made a little friend in WA. It was so hard to let him go and say good-bye to Jessica's cute little family. I miss the walks me and Kaleb went on, the dancing to hip-hop music...

I miss racing down the slide with this big boy :)
I got to witness Eliza Susan's beautiful blessing from her Father. She was so reverent during it and Kaleb was too. I just have to comment how well mannered he is at church. He knows just what to do thanks to his parents good example :)

I fed Kaleb some green beans one night and wasn't paying attention to how he was eating so many of them! I later found out he was stashing them away in his chair so that he could be done!
Jessica and I got to do lots of fun shopping with the kids, playing and enjoying the beautiful weather. It was great. I got to put this pumpkin to bed everynight. I love videos and snuck one just so I could keep this memory :) I love you guys!!


Volleyball is what we play after every activity with our singles ward friends. We don't play after church of course but after FHE, institute, Tuesday nights with the serious older crew from the Billings East Stake, after friday night activities and whenever else we get together! It is so fun! Since Josh loves it he has helped bring more members out to activities and stay so that we can all play and get to know each other! The ward has become more united just in the last few weeks because of this activity, its awesome. We aren't that good, we just enjoy playing for fun. The last friday night activity everyone decided to move to the stake center to play VB. We played for a few hours then switched to BB and ended with indoor soccer. It was so much fun. They were all just crazy jungle ball games. I unfortunately ended the night ten minutes to midnight getting kicked in the ankle. It hurt soooo bad. I hobbled over to the stage and took off my shoe and my left ankle was already swollen on the side like a golf ball was stuck to it. It was crazy. Luckily we had a pro on hand and she wrapped it up and Josh (above) hauled me out. I was still hopping sat. a.m. and was afraid i broke it and wouldn't get to fly to jessica's so i started trying to walk on it. After many attempts I got used to it and could walk :) Its ugly to this day, a little swollen but I can walk on it. I hate passing up VB games so I got back to it and its doing ok :)