Thursday, April 16, 2009

Im going backwards...but its a good one...Hamilton!

Little Miss was fun to see her and be all together on this get together. She changes so fast!
Josh and Braydan loving the outdoor jobs.

THis was their reward for working so hard...bonfires :)

Jessica the professional cook we hired in from WA. She made tasty meals that kept us coming back! Josh was the dishwasher that never failed us. Grandma would be proud yet fighting him for that position at the same time :)

One of the jobs Kaleb and I enjoyed was emptying all grandmas water jugs. It was fun and messy!

I always volunteered to keep her happy... who wouldn't??

THe speedy garbage kings. This was a constant job throughout the whole house and outside. They had to stand on it and push it down several times to get most of it in these beasts.

Mom had to monitor a lot of their work because they'd get carried away. But there work was much appreciated!


Ashley said...

It's okay if you go backwards it is so fun to see more pictures. You are such an awesome sister to always play with your sisters kids. It is always a HUGE help when someone takes the load off me on trips.

ParmeleeFam said...

Wow, what a lot you all did before we got there. Was fun to see you in Hamilton.

mom said...

good job narrative alisha.