Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My vacation at home...

Jessica and her family came to visit for a whole week! It was fabulous. I couldn't wait to come home everyday, not that its much different other weeks...but i had someone to play with and so much to do !!
Kaleb is my friend. I loved playing with him, reading to him and singing him songs.

Braydan loved the farm, he might be our neighbor some day! COngradulations Braydan!
I'm just glad i didn't have to travel too far for this priceless vacation :)

It was a much needed visit. Thanks for coming Jessica and Braydan!


Ashley said...

Whew you have been one busy lady! I love all the pictures with your family. SO fun. Wish I could have been there too since I always feel like a small part of the smith clan:-)
Glad you are doing so much with the SA. Looks like some awesome fun activities. That's neat you are in charge of a lot of it. Wyoming looks cold, but sounds like such a neat experience. You're awesome cuz, hope you have a fun summer.

Braydan and Jessica said...

Oh lisha lou! We miss you!! Kaleb called Helena "Alisha" on accident today :) I think he misses you too! Wish you didn't have to work when we were there, but it was still fun. Thanks for loving him so much. You're the best Auntie!

mom said...

You are the best at capturing the moments on camera. thanks for sharing.