Thursday, April 16, 2009

Im going backwards...but its a good one...Hamilton!

Little Miss was fun to see her and be all together on this get together. She changes so fast!
Josh and Braydan loving the outdoor jobs.

THis was their reward for working so hard...bonfires :)

Jessica the professional cook we hired in from WA. She made tasty meals that kept us coming back! Josh was the dishwasher that never failed us. Grandma would be proud yet fighting him for that position at the same time :)

One of the jobs Kaleb and I enjoyed was emptying all grandmas water jugs. It was fun and messy!

I always volunteered to keep her happy... who wouldn't??

THe speedy garbage kings. This was a constant job throughout the whole house and outside. They had to stand on it and push it down several times to get most of it in these beasts.

Mom had to monitor a lot of their work because they'd get carried away. But there work was much appreciated!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday!

April 12-The best day ever. Zach got back this weekend so its been fun to play altogether, with his roommate Martin visiting too. THis morning we awoke to mom busy cooking in the kitchen our breakfast and dinner for after church. Josh, Zach, Martin and I went to the singles ward Stake Conference. It was so good. Perfect for centering our thoughts on Christs life. Afterwards we made it to our parents ward where we were spiritually fed once more. We had a great dinner altogether. Here is a few shots of us trying to get all in the picture but some weren't getting the picture ( if you know what i mean :)). The last picture is me in my after church attire. The apron shows I was a big cook but not really, just the luscious potato creator and I got to feed the two baby calves. It was a beautiful day all around. We missed Jessica and her family tho :(


A couple weeks ago we had a huge bonfire (see below) to burn up all joshs hard work he gathered from the sheds and around and invited the whole ward out. We had a really good turn out. It was better than any activity or church service. It was great, Josh's idea :) Unfortunately I don't have pictures of all the people. We roasted hot dogs, mom helped everyone ride a horse who wanted to, shooting was going on and we played 'wave me free' afterwards. It was so fun.

Life does go on...

Since my last post my life has gotten a lot busier I guess. Now that I have gotten so far behind I'm not sure where to start. THe bishop in my ward has put me to work being in charge of choir, YSA conference and a Martins Cove trip. I'm so tired usually from working a little and playing all night that the days go by quick.

I'm going to begin where my pictures Hamilton. Jessica made an awesome blog summing our weekend up so if you want more info go to hers for explanations. It was a great trip to see each other and work together. I love that house on Ricketts lane but its not the same anymore. Now all our memories must come from our pictures and our favorite things we were able to collect from that house to remember Grandma and Grandpa.

Eliza has changed so much since February! She's a cuttie :)

I'm going to miss visiting Hamilton and the smell of the Bitterroot Valley. I should have captured it in a bottle :)