Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday!

April 12-The best day ever. Zach got back this weekend so its been fun to play altogether, with his roommate Martin visiting too. THis morning we awoke to mom busy cooking in the kitchen our breakfast and dinner for after church. Josh, Zach, Martin and I went to the singles ward Stake Conference. It was so good. Perfect for centering our thoughts on Christs life. Afterwards we made it to our parents ward where we were spiritually fed once more. We had a great dinner altogether. Here is a few shots of us trying to get all in the picture but some weren't getting the picture ( if you know what i mean :)). The last picture is me in my after church attire. The apron shows I was a big cook but not really, just the luscious potato creator and I got to feed the two baby calves. It was a beautiful day all around. We missed Jessica and her family tho :(


Braydan and Jessica said...

Yay!! You finally posted. About time! Thanks for the inspiring pictures of the family :) Josh isn't gonna like the first one. I'm glad you guys had a nice Easter (without me :( I think Mom had different thoughts about how it turned out . . . but all well.

mom said...

Glad for the good memories alisha!